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A Sustainable Vision

Sustainability is more than a concept at Plastatech®, it’s our culture. Our founder, John R. Burt, believed in the idea of recycling manufacturing scrap into new products as a way to reduce environmental impact and improve fiscal responsibility. It is that same vision that drives not only the sustainability of our products, but of our manufacturing processes as well.

Sustainable Operations

Because Plastatech geomembranes are manufactured from our own proprietary calendered PVC films and weft-inserted textiles, we have control over product quality and the manufacturing process. This control allows us to ensure the culture of sustainability is incorporated throughout the process:

Recycling: Plastatech recycles 90% of its waste; including non-manufacturing byproducts like plastic, paper, cardboard, and super sacks; by:

Contain. Control. Comply.

By forming a flexible, durable barrier, Plastatech geomembranes are highly effective at containing and controlling materials, runoff, chemicals, spills and more. This is especially helpful in mining, waste water, oil and gas, as well as agricultural applications where there is a need to contain a variety of materials. Our durable thermoplastic barriers help to reduce installation and maintenance costs, and protect the environment while complying with regulations.*

*Reference your local and federal containment regulations for complete compliance requirements


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