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Plastatech OR Geomembrane

Plastatech OR geomembrane provides protection from exposure to oils, fuels and harsh chemicals commonly found in industrial and oil refinery settings. This gomembrane was developed as a solution for primary and secondary containment of oil products and industrial chemicals.

Plastatech OR geomembrane offers enhanced chemical resistance and maximum flexibility, elongation and tensile strength for long-term design performance in accordance with ASTM D1203. Standard thickness is 30-mil; other thicknesses can be manufactured upon request.

Suitable applications include:


Typical Property Test Method Units 30-mil
Thickness ASTM D5199 mil 30.0 ± 5%
Width ASTM D751 inches 76¼ ± ¼
Specific Gravity ASTM D792   1.20 min.
Tensile Properties ASTM D882    
Breaking Strength   lbf/in. 73 min.
Elongation at Break   % 380 min.
100% Modulus   lbf/in. 32 min.
Tear Resistance ASTM D1004 lbf 8.0 min.
Low Temperature ASTM D1790   Pass at -12° C
Dimensional Stability ASTM D1204 % 3 max.
Water Extraction ASTM D1239 % 0.15 max.
Volatile Loss ASTM D1203 % 0.5 max.
Hydrostatic Resistance ASTM D751 Procedure A psi 100 min.

Key: C = Compatible, M = Moderately Compatible, I = Incompatible

Chemical Effect Chemical Effect
ASTM Fuel A C Chlorine Bleach C
Diesel Fuel C Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) I
Gasoline M Toluene I
Jet Fuel C Xylene I
Kerosene C Tetrahydrofuran (THF) I
Crude Oil C Mineral Spirits C
Motor Oil C Hydrochloric Acid (20%) C
Hydraulic Oil C Sulfuric Acid (20%) C
Corn Oil C Phosphoric Acid C
Methanol C Distilled Water C
Ethanol C Deionized Water C
Isopropyl Alcohol C Municipal Water C
Ethyl Glycol C Sea Water C
Heptane C Waste Water C