Keep the weather out and the material in

From sugar beets to coal ash, Plastatech® geomembranes are used to keep a wide variety of materials high and dry. They make a tough, chemical-resistant leach, heap or ridge pad designed to hold materials and prevent leaching, as well as a durable, weather-resistant cover.

Plastatech’s unique PVC formulations offer a balance of oil, acid, alkali and other chemical resistance with high flexibility and tear resistance. This offers an effective, leak-free liner that conforms to terraced excavations, uneven terrain and other substrates — and a supple, efficient cover. Their thermal performance and UV resistance make Plastatech geomembranes exceptionally durable in any environment. They can also be custom-fabricated into larger sheets by third-party fabricators to reduce the number of field seams, cut installation time and better control quality.


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