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Plastatech History

Plastatech® is a responsive, close-knit family-owned business, dedicated to ensuring the success of our customers by providing the highest quality calendered and PVC-based films, knitted fabrics and laminates.

The Spirit of Innovation

In 1988, entrepreneur John R. Burt created a new business venture: Plastatech Engineering, Ltd. Under the leadership of John's daughter, Kathy Burt Allen, a talented team of professionals experienced in PVC formulation and production was assembled. A state-of-the-art calendering, knitting, laminating and coating facility was then built in Saginaw, Michigan.

Controlling our Destiny

The ability to produce PVC membranes in-house is part of John’s vertical integration approach, which allows Plastatech to control the manufacturing process top-to-bottom. This results in quality craftsmanship and ensures that customers receive the highest quality products on the market.

Using the expertise gained in manufacturing exposed membranes, Plastatech has expanded its product lines to include both reinforced and non-reinforced geomembranes.