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By forming a flexible, durable barrier that's compatible or resistant to most liquids and chemicals, Plastatech® geomembranes are highly effective at containing and controlling materials, runoff, chemicals, spills and more.

Our proven, reliable, thermoplastic barriers are the smart choice - helping to reduce installation and maintenance costs, protect the environment and comply with regulations.

Plastatech geomembranes meet long-term durability and environmental challenges found in waste management, secondary containment, oil, natural gas and aquaculture industries. The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membranes we manufacture withstand extreme temperature and UV exposure, deliver exceptional tensile and puncture strength and resist chemical attacks.

Our diverse product line includes:

Custom Prefabrication

Imperfect seams are a source of leaks in geomembrane systems. In traditional containment installations, the majority of those seams are made on-site, at the considerable cost for labor. In addition to being available as traditional rolled goods, Plastatech geomembranes are ideal for custom prefabrication into 80 x 100 foot panels by fabricating specialists. This eliminates a large portion of the on-site labor required for seaming - dramatically reducing installation times and increasing jobsite efficiency.


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