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Calendered and Extruded Films

Plastatech® produces vinyl films and sheeting using a state-of-the-art calender. This computerized calender controls all aspects of the manufacturing process to produce consistent, high-quality films.

The calender can produce flexible vinyl from 3 to 30 mils (0.003 to 0.030 inches) in thickness, with a maximum width of 76.25 inches. Plastatech is capable of providing rolls up to 1,500 pounds.

Films are available with matte finishes or shallow suedene embossing. Plastatech calendered films are featured in all Plastatech geomembranes.

In December of 2014, Plastatech unveiled a new PVC extruder in its Saginaw, Michigan manufacturing facility. This new equipment produces PVC films and reinforced membranes up to 10-feet-wide - doubling the company's previous roll width capability. This investment comes as part of Plastatech's mission to manufacture high-quality products, inspired by founder John R. Burt's passion for producing the highest quality possible.