Ponds, Canals & Cisterns

Strength beyond the surface

They might be completely decorative, part of an industrial process or holding a water supply for a farm, nursery or an entire city; but ponds, canals and cisterns all have one thing in common — they need to be watertight.

Plastatech® geomembranes make excellent liners for various types of ponds, canals, cisterns and other water containment systems. PVC — a material of choice for pool liners and commercial flat roofs — is an excellent water barrier. Ours can be formulated to be resistant to certain chemicals and oils as well. It also expertly balances flexibility with puncture-and-tear resistance. You can be confident that a Plastatech membrane will conform to irregular terrain without stress or strain from settling and resist damage. It remains flexible in hot and cold temperatures and can be formulated to resist degradation from ultraviolet light and biological agents.

Our Plastatech FG (Fish Grade) geomembrane is suitable for use when water applications must support aquatic life.

Plastatech geomembranes are also suited for custom prefabrication in a factory setting by third-party fabricators — reducing the number of field seams and installation time.


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