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PPE to Go

You trust Plastatech to provide you with quality film, fabrics, and laminates. Now you can put that same trust in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) products that help keep your people and operations safe, healthy, and in compliance with mandated regulations. Our PPE To Go products are designed to safeguard you, your employees and your customers against bacteria and viruses.

Plastatech® Hand Sanitizer

Available in 1 gallon jugs, Plastatech Hand Sanitizer is an antiseptic product intended to prevent the spread of infections. While the CDC recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, Plastatech’s Hand Sanitizer formula contains 80% alcohol. Each 1 gallon jug order comes with one empty 2 oz. spray bottle and one empty 4 oz. to administer.

Plastatech® Sanitizing Wipes

Available in 8” x 18” (one square foot of material) and 12” x 24” (two square feet of material), Plastatech Sanitizing Wipes are dramatically larger than traditional wipes. Plus, Plastatech Sanitizing Wipes are made of 35% rayon and 65% polyester fleece material, meaning that they not only disinfect more surface area in one swipe, but they are designed to stand up to tough jobsite conditions without tearing or falling apart.


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