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Greater flexibility. Greater control.

We develop our PVC geomembranes with maximum flexibility for ease of handling and installation. They are easily factory and field-welded, which makes installation and maintenance easier and more cost-effective. Made in the USA, our rugged geomembranes take on the toughest weather condidtions in exposed or covered applications.

We offer reinforced and non-reinforced membrane options for a wide range of applications. The seams withstand dead loads, and the membranes won't delaminate or wick.

Our diverse product line includes:

Plastatech geomembranes at work.

Non-reinforced and laminated PVC geomembranes from Plastatech are easy to install, maintain and repair. In addition, they are engineered and manufactured to:

  • Withstand extreme temperatures
  • Deliver exceptional tensile and puncture strength
  • Resist harsh oil and chemical attacks