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Upcoming Events

ARK-LA-TX Oil Field Expo

Shreveport, LA | April 1-2

Ohio Valley Regional Oil and Gas Expo

St. Clairsville, OH | April 28 - 29


Las Vegas, NV | June 2 - 4 | Booth 3953

Global Petroleum Show

Calgary, AB | June 9 - 11 | Booth 8335


Orlando, FL | August 25 - 27 | Booth 1313


Chicago, IL | September 26 - 30

Go Beyond The Ordinary

Plastatech® Engineering's flexible, durable barriers are impermeable to most liquids and chemicals. They help you better contain and control materials, runoff, chemicals and spills... and comply with environmental and other regulatory requirements*.

Plastatech Geomembranes are created from our own proprietary calendered PVC films and weft-inserted textiles. Our in-house control of each component offers us the utmost in quality control, backed by continual in-line testing procedures and ongoing post-production audits.

Our proven, reliable, thermoplastic barriers are the smart choice — helping you reduce installation and maintenance costs and protect the environment while complying with regulations.

Do you need to contain, control and comply? Then you need to talk with us.

*Reference your local and federal containment regulations for complete compliance requirements.

Proven Performance

Plastatech Engineering, Ltd calendered PVC films, weft-inserted textiles, geomembranes, and laminated vinyl fabrics have been used as single-ply roofing membranes, military shelter membranes, agricultural storage liners, industrial curtains, and more!